Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be notified of comments left on my case study?
You will receive an email when someone leaves a comment on your case study.
Can I edit my comments?
No, not at this point. For now, it is best to just leave a new comment. If it is something urgent, you may contact me and I will edit the comment for you.
Can my comments be edited by the admin?
Yup. I (Alex) reserve the right to edit comments left on this website. In creating this website, I hoped to create a loving, helpful, positive community. Therefore, I reserve the right to edit mean, hurtful, sarcastic, or needlessly negative comments that do not contribute to the conversation. Edited comments will always have a label: "This comment has been edited by the admin." I will email you if I choose to edit your comment.
How detailed should I make my case sutdy?
The amount if detail you include in your case study is ultimately up to you. However, because the goal is for all of us to learn from each others personal experiences, the more detail you can provide in your case study, the more everyone else will be able to benefit from your experience and provide insight and advice from their own experience. Your case study is only linked to you by the username name you provide so keep that in mind when creating a username.
Can I change my login name (password, email, etc.)?
Yup. Once you are logged in to your current account, click on the the "Edit Profile" link at the top right of the web page.
Will I be notified of new comments from the site in general?
No. You will only be notified of the comments that are left under your personal case study. If you are interested in what is happening in the site, check out the footer at the bottom of each page. The footer contains the most recently updated case studies, articles, and comments.
What's with the news section?
That's the place to find out what's going on with the website such as what new features might be added soon or if there's something really interesting that I think everyone will want to see. I will also occasionally post news that I find about VVS (like a new treatment).
Who writes the articles?
I, Alex (the creator and admin of this website) write all of the articles as of right now (I may have guest writers for articles later down the road but they will clearly be marked as such). I put together the articles from information I find on the internet, from talking to many women with VVS through this website and several others, and from personal experience. The way I come up with topics for the articles is by looking for commonly asked questions or frequent sources of confusion and I try to address them. I am also always open for suggestions! :)
Have you tried all of the treatments you recommend?
Usually but not always. If it is a product that I can buy online or at a store, I always personally try things that other women recommend before recommending them on this website. There are some other treatments, such as steroid injections, that I can't readily try (nor would it necessarily be a wise decision for me to do so). In this case, I read as much as I can find online and then personally talk to women who have tried the treatment so that I can get firsthand feedback on it.
Are you a doctor (nurse, physical therapist, etc.)?
Nope. I am heading off to medical school in the fall of 2010 but I have a long ways to go until I am a doctor. I created this website as a woman who struggles with VVS, that's all.
Do you really respond to emails?
Absolutely, I answer every email I get personally. Because of this, however, it sometimes takes me a while to respond so please be patient. As the site continues to grow (and as I start medical school), it will probably be easier for people to get answers by creating case studies, leaving comments, etc. rather than (or even in addition to) sending me an email. Not only will you most likely get an answer faster, but you will get the expertise of many women rather than just the thoughts of one person. That being said, I am definitely not discouraging you from emailing me. My only reason for suggesting those other things is because it will probably be even more helpful for you.
Do you leave comments on the website yourself?
All the time. I hang out in the comments sections quite a bit.
Can I get in touch with the woman who created each case study?
For now, the best way to get in touch with someone is by leaving them a comment. They will receive an email that your comment was left and they will be able to respond. From my experience, the women in this community are some of the sweetest and most helpful women I have ever interacted with, so I highly encourage everyone to ask each other questions and leave comments.
Do I have to pay for anything on this site?
Nope. Everything here is free.
Do you get paid to endorse products/websites?
No. I suggest the things I think are good based on personal experience or recommendation.
Do I need to be logged in to leave comments?
Yes. Due to problems with spam, everyone must login to leave a comment. Once you are logged in, your comment will also automatically link to your case study.
How do I edit my case study?
Once you are logged in, you will see a link in the top right of your screen that says "My Case Study." Clicking on it will take you to the page where you can update your case study.
Why am I not getting emails?
Sometimes my emails get stuck in SPAM folders. So if you aren't receiving the emails, check your SPAM folders first; you can also add me as a contact to ensure that the emails get through.