Mary Jane


Age: 26
Relationship Status: Single
Length of Illness: 1 month
Related Illnesses: vaginismus,bartholin cysts
Diagnosis: Vulvodynia/vulvar vestibulitis

Factors Leading to Pain: Pressing the Bartholin gland, especially the area of former cysts !! Arousal hurts so much I feel my labia will explode! Standing up/walking for long hours. Evenings always mean more pain comparing to the rest of the day.
HOT WATER is hell! Q-tip test at the doctor's office= more hell!
If arousal hurts, then I'm pretty sure sex will too.

Causes of Illness: Bartholin Cysts! I have had cysts lanced in the past which probably made the area very tender and the gland would hurt when aroused, but went away quickly.
A month ago, I had another small cyst. I took Naproxen for it (bad choice!) and it ruptured, leaving the gland very irritated. I was also on Yasmin, and together these two medicines with the localised infection created hell on earth for the local nerve endings.


  • Pain
  • Pain on Contact
  • Pain When Sitting
  • Inflammation
  • Swelling
  • Pain During/After Intercourse
  • Pain with Other Penetration (Tampons etc.)
  • pulsating feeling, discomfort walking,



  • This is the only medicine so far that has worked. I am about to see a specialist at St Mary's Hospital in London soon. I pray for that day.
    Voltarol has eased my symptoms a lot, but you cannot take it for more then 3 days.

  • Aqueous cream

  • Much better than the Dove soap. My doctor gave me this, bless her heart.
    However, my problem is less about the skin and more about the glands inside.

  • Co-codamol

  • this is what my GP thinks is a treatment for this problem. What can I say?
    At least I can function for the first half of the day

  • Lidocaine 5%

  • Also given by doctor. I'm too afraid to use this yet.
    I will update any future treatments.

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Comments (6)

Kgizmo21 · over 3 years ago

Hey Mary Jane, I feel for you. I have different symptoms but empathise greatly about the lack of specialists in London. I've been having issues for 4 months really and my GP has been punchably useless, (I just love how they all think its thrush if you have any sort of vulval complaint), my advice is skip a gynaecologist and ask for a referral for a vulval pain specialist, I waited 3 weeks for a gynae who was apparently the top one in the hospital, he poked me and said it was all in my head. Ask for a vulvar pain specialist as the wait is usually 8-12 weeks so maybe they can start figuring this out for you. I'm heading to a dermatologist next wk and vulvar pain specialist in 5, don't discount dermatology, believe it or not there are strong links to this sort of thing being skin related even when the glands are affected

Mary Jane · over 3 years ago

kgizmo 21 ! thanks for replying, oh my god!
I'd love to hear if you make any progress at all!
I am actually about to get a referral letter soon to see a specialist at a vulvar clinic, hope that will help.
if not, I'll just go to more walk in clinics for the pain.

Kgizmo21 · over 3 years ago

I will, I'm going to the royal London free so if they are good I'll let you know, it's important to keep sharing tips, especially when the issue is so under managed like this one. Wishing you luck. Oh did you put voltarol on your vulval region btw? Just wondering if that's possible? Sounds scary but would love to try something!

Mary Jane · over 3 years ago

no, I used voltarol extra-strength pills. My pain went from an 8 to a 4 in 3 days.
My symptoms are different, I have no burning, just constant throbbing and pain from 2 to 6.
Again, mine was caused by repeated bartholin cysts in the past which probably created some internal scar tissue or something

Mary Jane · over 3 years ago

I'd love to hear what happens to you at the london free hospital.
I'll be going to st mary's vulval pain clinic.
I will update

Mary Jane · over 3 years ago


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