Age: 22
Relationship Status: Single
Length of Illness: 5
Diagnosis: Vestibulitis

Factors Leading to Pain: I am constantly getting yeast infections.

Causes of Illness: Yeast infections & way too many nerves.


  • Burning
  • Pain
  • Pain During/After Intercourse



  • I am a single young adult, I have been suffering from this for a while now. People that I have slept with before had no idea what I am suffering from. They were really insensitive & basically I am considered as a girl who " sucks in bed". Vestibulitis have played a huge impact on my life, it depresses me & I feel less than a woman. I have been to many doctors after my private doctor moved away, she is the only one that understood & believed in my condition. Many doctors either don't believe me or explain that they can not find any signs or symptoms. This is completely dreadful.

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Liveinthemoment5890 · over 4 years ago

You are not less than a woman. I felt that way too and still do at times. I do not know where you live but Dr. Labasco at Brunswick Hills in East Brunswick, NJ diagnosed me. I highly recommend him.

Coco · about 4 years ago

I have had a few bouts of this in my lifetime and recently have learnt about how all this vulva stuff is classified. Apparently if you don't have any signs from your symptoms you are classed as having vulvodynia (I think dynia means no signs) so maybe you need to bandy that word around when you next decide to face a doctor. Im sure you have tried everything under the sun for your yeast infections but just in case you haven't tried homeopathy in conjunction with an anti-candida diet. I found that got rid of my yeast infections for a number of years. It is a dreadful disease and it's so unfair but don't lose hope you are not alone there are so many women suffering the same fate. I hope you find a good doctor or healthcare person soon.

Mary Jane · over 3 years ago

whoever tells you you suck in bed can go die.
what if they had an ED or were impotent ??

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